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Architecture: Bradbury Building

June 25, 2015


12location symbolBradbury Building, Los Angeles

This is the second time that I’ve visited the Bradbury building and I was really taken aback by how much I had missed, in terms of details, during my first visit. I remember stopping by this building earlier this year, for my studio class, and being overwhelmed just by its interiors. I was so caught up taking it in as a whole, I was not really paying any attention on what was going on in the details, so I made sure to pay closer attention this second time around. There really is a lot going on in terms of textures, patterns and colors – how they all come together, and still look cohesive really blows my mind. It has also been used numerous times in movies such as 500 days of summer, chinatown and lethal weapon.

This visit was because one of my friend needed to take photographs of the building for a school project, so she had asked me to come along with her. The building itself is located right across the Grand Central Market in downtown LA, where we had lunch at this little Thai food stand called Sticky Rice. Grand Central Market – another must-visit if you are ever in the area!

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    The Bradbury Building is featured prominently as a setting in films, television, and literature – particularly in the science fiction genre.

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